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Winterizing the car

I spent a couple of weeks last month getting the car ready for the cold and rainy season.
I had installed a electric heater a while back but never crimped the wires. The ceramic electric heating element feeds off the main battery pack and draws less than 10amps to give instant heat. I’ve wired up the heater to a switch on the dash that will only turn on when the fan is turned on. Besides the heater, I’ve also added some stainless steel plates under the car to protect the batteries in the fuel tank tunnel as well as the control board that is in the rear motor bay from rain splash/road debris. The only thing that is left is replacing the temporary wooden rear hood.

Here are some pictures from the heater install.

Getting to the heater box under the passenger side dash was a real pain in the butt.

Got it out!

Time to cut the original heater box and fit the ceramic heater inside.

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