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Test fitting the Motor and Transmission in the Car

I hoisted the assembly to get it ready to drop it into the car from the top of the car.

I then went on to make sure that the path is clear for me to drop the assembly in. It became clear that I needed to remove a few more things. First thing I noticed was that the front and rear mounts are really rusty, so I removed them and sprayed painted them after my friend Steve sandblasted them for me to get the old paint and rust off. It was then I noticed that the rubber inside the mounting bracket was cracked and must be replaced…

I removed the exhaust mounts (might be able to use them for mounting batteries where the exhaust system used to be…

Removed remnants of the fuel and radiator systems…

Top view of the transmission/motor bay… looks like the old 12V battery stand needs to go too…

I tried to drop the assembly in from the top, but the opening is too small…

From the bottom worked!!!

Use a level to make sure the motor is level, since the motor side is not mounted yet, I’ll temporarily use the hoist to hold it in place.

With the assembly in place, my next tasks are to:

  1. Design the motor mount
  2. Make some mock up batteries to layout the placement of the 20 6V flooded lead acid batteries

I also noticed that the adapter plate wasn’t cut by Electro Auto exactly to the needed shape, note the area marked with green marker that I will need to cut out to allow the clutch cylinder to fit on top of the transmission.

By the way, now that I have the assembly in the car, I decided to sell the old engine related parts. I posted an ad on craigslist and within a week, most parts were gone! My profit, $150, so my net cost on the car, not counting all the ev components, is $730 – $150 = $580. :)

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