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On my way home from work, I heard a sound that resembled change falling out of my pockets coming from underneath the car… For some reason, I immediately thought, “oh crap, the bolts that I used to bolt the battery racks on the bottom of the car must have unthreaded themselves!”, and pulled off right away to a parking lot. It was good that I did that, because as soon as I got to the lot, the car stopped moving. I got out of the car and saw this:

The rear draft shaft on the driver side had disconnected from the differential on the transmission!! I am so glad that I caught this before I headed on the freeway. The 6 bolts that held the shaft to the transmission are all gone and left a leaky mess. I ended up towing the car home for $165. :(

Thinking back, I torqued the bolts to 27 ft-lbs as suggested by the Hayne’s repair manual, but googling last night I found this:
Toyota Torque Specs
Which suggested a torque spec of 48 ft-lbs. My EV friends suggested that I put some Loctite on the threads to prevent this from happending in the future. I will do that! And thank God I’m safe and there is not more serious damage…


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