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Solar net payment to PGE.

We ended up needing to pay about $250 for using more energy than we produces on our 3.6Kw solar system with the full years use of my EV.
My netsavings from gas on the MR2 was around $1500 for 2012, so my net savings is still hugely positive.

The results are captured in a graph here:

We could have probably minimized or avoided this end of year payment to PGE if we were more careful with turning off electricity and minimizing use around the house. We’ll see if we can minimize this back payment to PGE next year. As we are still contemplating the addition of another EV to our household, our 3.6kw system may not be enough to cover another EV. If not, we have the capability to add more panels to our existing system for more power production.

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