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Shed Complete!

The Big Max Ultra Shed was pretty straight forward to assemble with the exception of the roof. I did it by myself mostly with help from my wife only on occasion when I needed someone to hold things in place. It took about 2 hours to assemble everything except for the roof. The roof itself took another 1.5 hours mostly because the roof panels would not lock into the ridge beam easily and there was limited space around the perimeter of the shed to work. Using liquid dish soap to lubricate the pieces and a mallet to bang things into place helps quite a bit.

Note on dimensions of the shed:
I used the outside dimensions of the shed given by the Rubbermaid site here to determine the size of the skid foundation (Outside Dimensions: 7′w x 10′ 6″d x 7′ 11″h) and it was too small!! The final dimensions were 7′ 3/8″ w x 10′ 8 7/8″ d x 7′ 11″h. Because of this, the shed overhangs the skid foundation slightly. I don’t think it will affect the stability of the shed, but I am annoyed at Rubbermaid for not giving the correct outside dimensions on their site, the depth was almost 3 inches off!!! Good thing I had over-sized the depth dimension of the foundation by 2 inches so that the shed is overhanging only by 7/8″.

Here are some pictures of the completed shed.

Time to start working on the car!!

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