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A cleaner way to drive

Saved over $1000 in gas money!

I’ve saved over $1000 in gas money driving my MR2 EV. It has become my primary mode of transportation during the week for my daily 50 mile commute. I also drive it to grocery shop on weekends, as long as both my wife and son are not with me. I am loving it!

I’ve come up with a small maintenance checklist for my self to keep the car trouble free. It is actually pretty easy compared to a gas car. Here it is:

  • Check Tire pressure Monthly
  • Check high current connections Monthly
  • Measure top/low voltages Monthly
  • Check NEMA connector Monthly
  • Check all bolts (racks/cv shaft,etc) every 6 months
  • Rotate Tires every 6 months
  • Check Brakes every 6 months
  • Top off transmission fluid? every 6 months
  • Check motor brushes every 1 year
  • This past weekend, I had a blast sharing my conversion notes with the local Electric Auto Association.
    Here’s a shot of a couple of cool guys that I met at the talk from KW Engineering. Their company provides consulting services for renewal energy. One of the guys is working on a 1966 Mustang EV conversion! How cool is that?

    You can also find my slides from the talk here: Mr2 EV conversion notes

    Also, here is a Spec sheet for my MR2 EV

    I’ve also recently decided to donate parts of my gas savings to worthy EV related projects, but I want to make this process fun. Come back for details. :)

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