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A cleaner way to drive

Save 30% off your commute cost and decrease your stress level

gas money in gas tankYou can easily save 30% off your commute cost simply by driving slower.

What does 30% mean to you?  If it means $30/month, that’s $360/year, or $3600 over the life of the car (assuming a 10 year life)

I collected some driving and energy usage data in my electric MR2 and confirmed that by simply driving 15 mph slower on the freeway (55mph instead of 70mph), I can save around 30% on my energy usage.  For me, this means more range per charge on the electric car (about 20 miles more per charge).

I used the EV Display 2 to accurately measure the energy used by the car driving from home to work of 22 miles.  Here’s the raw data:
Try it yourself!  

For EV drivers:

Record your energy usage in your EV driving the same distance every day to/from work and see what kind energy savings you get and how many extra miles you gain by driving 55mph vs 70mph.


For Gas car drivers:

For those of you still waiting to get your EVs (what are you waiting for?), you can do this with your gas cars too. Over the next couple of fill ups, Use one full tank of gas by driving at 55 mph when you are the on the freeway and be easy on the pedal, anticipate lights and stops early, don’t get upset when someone cuts your off, just be happy.  It is better for your stress levels.  Record the number of miles you get when the tank reaches 1/4 tank full.

On the second tank, drive at 70mph whenever you are the on the freeway, note the miles you get when the tank reaches 1/4 tank full.

For all drivers:

If you sign up for an account at the EV Club and record your results you can earn a chance to win my monthly gas saving from my electric MR2!


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