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Response from the ARB

I heard back from a Mark Williams at the ARB. As it turns out, converted EVs are eligible for certification for consideration for the HOV stickers, however, Mark warned that it could be expensive for the individual to go through the process. I’ve also recently learned that a couple of folks have received their HOV stickers for their converted EVs in my local chapter’s Electric Auto Association. What an inconsistent process…

Here’s the email excerpt from Mark.

Specifically, ZEV certification is required to ensure a level playing field – that all vehicles granted access to the HOV lane meet similar levels of performance, durability, and warranty. The ARB does allow that entities other than automakers may request certification of aftermarket EV conversion kits, but John [Swanton] expects this will be done in situations where the kit is going to be used on multiple numbers of the same model or similar models and not as a one-off conversion. He expects this because the process for certifying an EV conversion kit is rigorous, requiring dynamometer testing and demonstration that durability and warranty requirements would be met; the cost of this process would make it prohibitive for a one-off conversion.

I know there are likely a few EV conversion vehicles with HOV stickers; However, I’ve been dealing with EV/CNG incentives and HOV lane questions at the ARB since about 2003, and I can tell you that the existence of these decaled conversion EVs does not reflect a change in ARB policy regarding conversion eligibility. Instead, it is more a testament to what can happen at the DMV on any given day. For example, I’ve seen yellow (hybrid) decals on an Accord V6 Hybrid even though it doesn’t meet the 45mpg requirement in the statute and therefore wasn’t on ARB’s HOV lane eligibility list. When we observe an inappropriately decaled vehicle, we report it to the DMV so that they can request the stickers back.

With that said, the ARB appreciates the contribution that you are making to clean air through conversion of your vehicle to electric.


Mark Williams
Air Pollution Specialist
Zero Emission Vehicle Implementation Section
Mobile Source Control Division
California Air Resources Board


I’ve requested information on how to go about getting my EV certified to be ZEV and will publish information that I think may help others.

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