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Removing engine – Day 2

Since the engine and transmission assembly is pretty heavy, I built one of these dollies with some scrap wood I had in the garage.

The air condition compressor is mounted to the engine so I needed to remove the compressor first before I can remove the engine. However, since the air conditioning system could still potentially be charged, I did not want to break the line and release the refrigerant into the atmosphere. The whole point of this project is to be greener, right? I called around unsuccessfully to a few local auto shops as well as heating and air conditioning experts and ask if they would do on-site AC discharging. This makes engine removal a little more tricky because I now need to be more careful when I lower the bulky engine so that I do not catch the air conditioner compressor and AC lines. Definitely a lesson learned here for future conversions: I need to get the air conditioning refrigerant discharged while the car is still running! After I removed the bolts mounting the AC compressor to the engine, I used a wire clothes hanger and wired the AC compressor to the frame so that there is not too much stress on the AC lines.

The engine will actually be removed together with the transmission, therefore, we also need to remove the rear drive axels on both sides and the clutch cable assembly from the transmission. IMPORTANT: make sure you mark and save the clutch cable assembly pins, you will need this later.

The alternator looks like it would be in the way when dropping the engine/transmission assembly, so I removed the alternator and the alternator belt from the engine.

Before attempting to remove the engine, I went on to drain the remaining fuel from the gas tank. I thought I would have had to siphon the gas out of the tank, but was pleasantly surprised to find a 3/8″ ratchet hole under the gas tank. Removing this plug and removing the gas tank cap (to prevent a vacuum from forming in tank), I was able to drain about 5 gallons from the gas tank.

Time flies when you are having fun, since it is getting pretty late, I decided to delay the removal of the engine yet another day.

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