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Questions about Lithium Battery Recycling

As I’ve met people and shared the my story, I kept getting the same question around Lithium mining and recyling.

“Electric cars have all these lithium batteries. Isn’t lithium mining and recycling hazardous and bad for the environment?”

Here are my thoughts on this topic. Whether we like it or not, battery technology is here to stay, think about how many electronics gadgets we have in our lives these days. The IPADs, iPhones, android phones, music players, GPS devices, laptops, etc. All these devices contain lithium batteries. And we get new ones every year or two! What do we do with all these batteries? The question is not whether the electric car will contribute much more to the pollutions associated with mining and recylcing lithium batteries, but how we go about engineering a solution for the safe mining and recycling of all these batteries that are in our lives.

I came across a very useful resource on Electric cars ( This page talks about the different kinds of lithium batteries and how mining lithium is a pretty safe process. Lithium Battery Article

Here are some recent shots of my lithium cells in the front compartment and rear compartment:

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