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Out of Range!

San Francisco

San Francisco. The best city in the world?


I recently moved my family to beautiful San Francisco to cut down on my lady’s 3 hour rush hour commute to the city every day. My commute got longer but is still more bearable than hers.  We took the plunge and moved to the city.




Out Of Range

Out Of Range!


Unfortunately, my round trip distance is now about 120 miles… slightly out of range for my little electric MR2 with an average range of 80 miles.






I am a big fan of Chargepoint and have been trying to get my company to join the likes of Google, 3M, Adobe, Netflix, and SAP, who offer employees the ability to charge at work, but the effort takes time. In the words of Kermit the frog, “It’s not easy being green.”

In the meantime, I have been driving my fuel efficient Toyota Corolla S (average 32 mpg) to work. And after a couple of weeks, I am tired of it. I must have been spoiled by the electric drive and the convenience of not having to stop by for gas every week and dishing out $50 to the gas stations each time.

So I’ve come up with a new plan, and the first experiment will be Monday 9/23/13. I will drive my electric MR2 to work and park my car at a colleague’s house to charge off a 110V circuit. I will meter the electricity with one of these KillAWatt gadgets and pay my friend for the energy that I use. To get to work from his house, I am planning on taking a short distance form of transportation (either a skateboard or foldable bike)

How have you extended the range of your electric car?  Or are you lucky enough to own one of these gas replacing electric cars with a range of 300 miles?


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2 Responses to “Out of Range!”

  • Joey says:

    I recently logged 2,000 electric miles. When it rains, I have to take the gas car because I’m still working on shielding my components from water. I can’t believe how much better the electric car is by comparison. 120 mile range would be a lot of battery to carry around in your MR2, so getting the charger at work online would definitely be you best bet. Would the Tesla Model C be something to consider, down the road?

    • Ken Chiang says:

      Thanks for the comment. I need to post a follow up on my experiment. The good news is that I made it! The bad news is a couple of cells were drained too low and got uncomfortably warm. I am looking to rebalance to the pack this weekend and may tried the experiment again. Yes, definitely considering the Tesla Model S down the road.

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