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Ordering parts

I ordered most of my parts from EV America in New Hampshire. Bryan and Bob from EV America were very responsive to my questions. Another fellow EVer, Michael Brooks (He just converted a 1986 Honda CRX HF), also had good things to say about them. The following are the components that I did not order from them and the reason why:

  • Motor to transmission adapter plate. EVA offered a clutchless design but I preferred a clutch design. I ordered my adapter from KTA services. As I found out later, they source the adapter from Electro Automotive.
  • Manzanita Micro PFC charger. This charger has variable input and ouput, which will allow me to try out different battery packs with different voltages easily. I found one for slightly cheaper than a brand new one on craigslist.
  • I am still missing a vacuum pump for the braking system and a battery gauge (the battery gauge was back ordered and subsequently discontinued by the manufacturer and the vacuum pump will be purchased later). EVA has these parts, so I will likely order from them shortly in the future.

The parts all arrived shortly after the 1st of the new year.

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