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Better range with low rolling resistance tires?

I have been a cheap skate and trying to extend the life of the old tires (9 years) on the MR2 to get as much use out of them as possible. It recently started raining in California, and the car has hydroplaned a couple of times already, yet I stil haven’t taken the time to get new tires. Today, I got a forced reminder about them; I got a flat on my way to work. :(

I am excited about the new set of Michelin Destinies though. These are very popular tires with good reviews and I got a good deal of under $400 for them. the best part is that these are narrower tires (175-65-r14) and are considered low rolling resistance tires.  This means that they roll with much lower resistance to improve the my range which is currently 70-90 miles per charge.

It carries an 80,000-mile limited tread wear warranty

Have you tried low rolling resistance tires for your car?

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2 Responses to “Better range with low rolling resistance tires?”

  • Honn chhim says:

    Ken, those low rolling resistance tires (size 175-65-r14) are too narrow. Your car will lose some handling performance and also affect the stopping power on the brakes since it has less contact surface between the tires and the ground.

    My tires 185-60-r14 are soon needed replacement. I’m still debating about going to a wider size 195-60-r14 to get better traction. Of course with more traction, the driving range will slightly decrease.


  • kchiang says:

    Thanks for the warning. I will keep that in mind when driving the car and be mindful to give myself more time to brake. I did drive the car with them yesterday and the ride is much smoother compared to my old tires! I really like them!

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