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A cleaner way to drive

MR2 EV is running!

Sorry for the long leave of absence folks!!!

Things got hectic with a boy at home and I focused on getting the car done and didn’t have time to update the blog.
Here is a summary of what I’ve done/decided:
1. Chose Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries instead of Lead acids (and am very glad I did!). 180AH Sky energy x 45 = 144 V. Configuration: 17 front trunk, 6 in fuel tank tunnel, 22 in rear above motor and transmission.
2. New Suspension: 4 new Tokico HP blue struts and Ground Control Coil Over Springs (7350 front, 7300 back).
3. Welded aluminum racks: 1/3 less weight than welded steel racks.

Test drove it for about 8 miles this weekend, and notices shifting problems, as it turns out, I had forgotten to bleed the air out of the hydraulic clutch system. After bleeding the system, the shifting seems much improved.
I have only been brave enough to drive on the local roads, so max speed is 40 mph in 3rd gear.

I will post some pictures when I have some time.

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