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Met my neighbor who owns a Tesla Roadster.

I recently met my neighbor who owns a Tesla Roadster. He bought it in 2009 and has about 15,000 miles on it and loves it (as I do too!). I’ve not convinced him to let me drive it yet, but I’m working on it! :)

We were just chatting on the topic of renewable energy and how there is a lot of research happening right now in this area. He mentioned that there was some research done by Nicola Tesla a while ago that showed that it is possible to generate energy from the natural radio frequencies in the air. Excited about this research, I went home and googled around unsuccessfully for about an hour and gave up.

Recently, while working on something else, I came across this kit that you can buy to demonstrate the energy harvesting concept that my neighbor was talking about. I am ordering a kit and will see how it goes. :)

Here’s a link to the kit in case you were curious yourself
Nicola Tesla’s Radiation Energy Harvesting Kit

(UPDATE: I removed the link after trying to buy the product myself and was warned by my Chrome browser that the site might contain malware)

I also just remembered reading something about super capacitors and how they can solve the problem of needing to wait a few hours for charging the battery pack of Electric Vehicles. Here’s some good information comparing lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors. They compare the time it takes to charge a lithium ion pack vs a supercapacitor, the cycle life, specific power, discharge rates of each system, and other characteristics. It looks like it is possible to one day use these supercapacitors to replace the lithium batteries. Supercapacitors vs. Lithium Ion Batteris

Finally, someone told me about how a MIT student came up with an idea to recover energy from the shock absorbers in a car much like regenerative braking. See the MIT article here from 2009:
Energy recovery shock absorbers from MIT

I wonder when this will make it into electric cars.

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