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MR2 ZEV Maintenance Checklist and Log

Monthly items (do this for the first year)

  • Check tire pressure at 40psi
  • Check high current connections to make sure they are tight  (do for the first year each month and continue only if the bolts turn when tightened, mine stopped turning after 4-5 months)
  • Check that cells are balanced with pack at 20-30% full (write down the highest and lowest voltages; should not be >0.2 volts)
  • Check that 4 hours after fully charging pack, that all cell voltages are between 3.35 – 3.45 volts.
  • Check that NEMA connectors on charging port are tight and not warm to touch after charging.
  • Check appearance of battery to ensure the following: no deformation or cracks or other defects; flat and dry; no appearance of white electrolyte around vent cap

Every 6 months or 5000 miles

  • List above plus:
  • Check that all bolts on racks, cv shaft, etc, are tight
  • Check high current connections to make sure they are tight (after 1st year)
  • Check tires and rotate if necessary
  • Check brake pads
  • Check transmission fluid levels and top off if necessary
  • Check motor brushes for excessive wear on series wound DC motor

At every 80,000 miles

  • Replace motor brushes



7/4/13 20k checkup
tire pressure:ok
high current connections: ok
low end battery balance: 3-8 3.229, 2-8 3.289
high end battery range: 3.34-3.35
nema connection: ok
Battery appearance: ok
rack bolts,cv shaft bolts tight: ok
rotate tires: FRONT Back
brakes: 3/4 pad remaining
transmission fluid: Ok.
motor brushes: ok.


6/1/13 monthly
1-1 battery terminal freely spins (problem: thread stripped, must replace)
nema connection ok
tire pressure: 38psi on RR.
bolts ok.
tires ok.
brakes unchecked.
low end Battery balance: 3.220, 3.249
4 hours after fully charged voltages: 3.330-3.340 (a bit undercharged)

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