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Fuel tank removal and clean up

This will be my last day playing in the dirt and grease.

With the engine removed and the gas tank drained from earlier, I proceeded to remove the fuel tank and fuel tank components. I wondered what the fuel tank would look like when it was removed from the car.

As it turns out, the fuel tank is about 5 ft long and is strapped lengthwise from the front to the back of the car. To remove it, the parking brake brackets need to be removed first. There were 6 hoses that connect to the fuel tank from the engine compartment as well as 2 wire connectors that also need to be disconnected from the console inside the car.The manual does an excellent job explaining the steps that need to happen before the fuel tank can be removed.

All the other fuel system components including the gas tank filling tube were then removed.

I intend to put the electric plug where the gas tank cap used to be:

The remaining radiator hoses from engine compartment were also removed.

I then wired the air conditioning compressor inside engine compartment.

Before pushing the car back out in the driveway for pressure washing, I made sure that I replaced parking brake cable (don’t want to have a runaway car). And of course the wheels need to be put back.

After rolling out the car, I made sure that I covered all the exposed lubricated areas and power washed the car inside and out.

The dirty part is done!!!

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