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Extending My Range in the Bay Area

SFO Charging

Charging at SFO!

With the knowledge of my new limited range, I need to find charging stations around the bay area to extend my range. The good news is that there is plenty of free charging around the bay area. San Francisco has announced that it will charge EVs for free in public garages until 2013, READ HERE

I’ve charged a couple of times at San Francisco International Airport.

The chargers in San Francisco seems to be mostly run by Chargepoint. I needed to apply for an access card that unlocks the stations that I want to use.

Also, since I use a Nema L15-30 plug for 220V charging and these stations are using the new EV standard SAE J1772 connectors, I ordered an adapter box so that the car can accept SAE J1772 connectors at these stations from Tucson EV.

Here’s another source for the connectors and adapters.

Here are a few links on lists of charging stations through out the US/Bay Area.
EV Charger News
The EV Project


I’ve also downloaded the following Android apps to help me locate charging stations. Look for them on your phone!

Car Stations



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