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EV display and Lighted Ammeter

Now that it’s getting dark early, my ammeter display has not been visible on the drive home from work. Also the original dash lights were also not working, so reading the dashboard was difficult. I purchased some LED bulbs from
and now I have a lighted dash and light ammeter.

I also replaced the analog voltmeter with an EV display 2, which tracks state of charge using Coulomb counting, pack voltage, and a bunch of other power stats per suggestion from my EV friend Honn. It has been great for tracking my energy usage.

A update on my range. With the new data from the EV display, I’ve determined that I use about 2.15Ah per mile on average in my daily commute. The battery pack is 144 V nominal, so the power usage per mile is ~310wh/mi (2.15Ah * 144 V). This seems in line with what other EV’ers are reporting for their conversions. Since I do not want to shorten the life of the batteries, I do not want to discharge more than 80% of the pack. With an 180Ah pack, the effective range is (180Ah/2.15Ah)*.80 or 67 miles. Not as good as I had hoped with 80-100 miles, but at least it will get me to and from work with a bit of energy to spare.

According to the Sky energy battery manufacturer, cycle life is 2000 cycles if I discharge the batteries to 20% and 3000 cycles for a 30% depth of charge. With this information, I estimate that the battery pack, which costed me $10k should last me:

~134,000 miles if I discharge the batteries to 20% each time.
(180/2.15) *.80 *2000 = 133,953 miles.

~175,800 miles if I discharge the batteries to 30% each time.
(180/2.15) *.70 * 3000 = 175,814 miles.

Since my daily commute is only about 50 miles, I am well within the 30% discharge depth daily of 58 miles, these batteries should last me a long while.

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