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Engine Removed! Finally!

My plan of attack to get the stubborn engine out is as follows:

  1. Jack up the frame as high as the jack stands will let me. Must be careful not to jack up one end of the car too much as the car could potentially tip over.
  2. Get under the car and remove as many components to make the engine/transmission block as small as possible.
  3. Drink some protein shakes and drag that engine out!!

I ended up removing the following components:

  • Exhaust manifold
  • Oil distributor
  • Front and Rear transmission mounting brackets
  • Air conditioning compressor bracket (Another reason to remove this was to prevent it from getting damaged as I drag the engine across the floor, I may need to use it later)
  • Oil filter and oil filter receiver bracket (not pictured).

The moment of triumph!!! I finally dragged it out!!!

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