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Engine Removal – Day 3

Another workday! Time to take out the engine! Right after work on Monday, I change into my dirty gear and went into the garage; Steve also came over to help. We hooked up the engine hoist to the 2 engine hooks on either side of the engine block. The manual suggested that for better balance, one should remove one of the bolts that connect the transmission to the engine and hook one end of the chain on that bolt. It sounded like too much unnecessary work, so I just used the engine hooks.

Once secured, we started to raise the engine hoist to lift the engine up ever so slightly so that we could remove the 4 mounting bolts keeping the engine and transmission block in the car frame. After the removal of the 4 bolts, it became clear that a few more items need to be removed before the engine will have a clear path to the floor. I removed the firing coil, the alternator bracket, and the right mounting bracket.

It is very important to make sure that the clutch cable and throttle cable assemblies are wired out of the way so that they don’t get damaged during the engine drop.

With some maneuvering, the engine finally hits the wooden dolly placed under the engine. Yay!

My joy was quickly subdued by realization that there was not enough clearance between the car and the floor to pull the engine out. DARN!! Even taking the dolly out of the way didn’t help! It looks like I will have to take some more pieces off the engine/transmission block in order to get this thing out!

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