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DMV trip #2

The 2nd DMV trip took a lot longer than the first one. The lady asked me to pay VLF based on the conversion cost which I thought was fair. However, she said that I needed to pay for the previous 2 years while the car was being converted. I argued that the cars been sitting in the garage without being driven and is only being commissioned as a pure electric vehicle this month. She agreed and took off ~$300 off VLF fees right away.

Based on what others have told me about their experience, just as I was ready to walk out the door with my new sticker and registration, I asked her to double check the system to make sure it was not an “Q” for hybrid. Good thing I did because she called sacramento, realized that she had done everything wrong, and took back the sticker. She had to fax the paper work to Sacramento, but says that I should expect to have my official tag sticker within 2 weeks. ….Fingers Crossed….

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