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A cleaner way to drive

Cleaning up the transmission and getting to the clutch

The transmission has been separated from the engine. There was a lot of brown clutch dust inside the transmission. (Note to self: wear a dust mask next time before doing this!)

Per suggestion from Tim Kutscha (He is heading up an open-source civic EV project: VERY HELPFUL SITE), I cleaned the transmission with Simple Green Max the best I could without getting moisture into the bearings.

The clutch assembly is mounted to the engine.

After removing the clutch cover, the worn out clutch disc was removed. The clutch disc pads were worned down to metal. No wonder I couldn’t make it up that hill when I first got the car!

Here’s a shot of the new clutch parts that I ordered that will replace the old clutch assembly (from left to right: clutch bearing, clutch disc, clutch cover):

Compare the worn clutch disc to the brand new one here:

After removing the clutch assembly, I removed the fly wheel from the engine:

The fly wheel weighs 15 lbs.

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