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Car registered

After the 4th trip to the DMV, I finally have the MR2 registered as an EV through 2012! I’ve also applied for a clean air vehicle sticker (the white one, they stopped giving out the yellow ones for the hybrids a while ago). Next challenge is to get some insurance for the car. My agent at State Farm gave me temporary coverage of 1 month to get my registration and to find a company that will insure it for the long run.

So far, I’ve got about 500 miles on the car as an electric. I’m now tracking my gas savings here.


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3 Responses to “Car registered”

  • Qutie says:

    So when will you break even?

    • kchiang says:

      Assuming gas prices stay at around $4/gallon and this EV replacing my fuel efficient Corolla at 32mi/gal. I’m estimating that I will have saved $24,000 in gas money in 10 years. (The lithium iron phosphate should last 10 years). What car do you know pays you back for driving it.

  • Qutie says:

    Excellent…you should be able to get your wife something real nice for allowing you to spend 3 years time on converting this car :-p

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