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Battery maintenance and donating gas savings follow-up.

Well, the consensus from polling other fellow EVer’s is that the loosening of the battery terminals is expected by should go away with time. It makes sense that as we torque the bolts on the terminals they will compress. Compression deformations that becomes permanent (rather than acting as a spring) will loosen the terminals over time, especially in a high vibration environment like a car. The good news is that I should have to retorque the terminals less and less over time as there is a limit to how much the terminals can deform.

Also, my idea of using locktite on the terminal threads is a bad one. Locktite is an insulator and will not be good for the electric connection between the bolt and the battery.

Previously, I mentioned my pledge to donate my gas savings and doing it in a fun way. Here’s how I am going to do it.
I’ve been working on a new project call the EV Club. It is a site for EV drivers to log and track their EV usage and calculates how much savings (financially and environmentally) they and all the other members are getting from driving their clean vehicles. The idea is to use this information to motivate/help others invest in their own electric cars and/or clean energy projects.

To add incentives for members to sign up for the club so that we can reach more people, I will be donating my monthly gas savings from driving my MR2 to a club member or a nonprofit of the winner’s choosing. Feel free to sign up even if you don’t currently have an EV. I will be looking for green energy sponsors to contribute to the project so that the Club will be able to offer sponsored incentives to members for investing in clean energy solutions.

Here’s the site again:

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