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Assessing the damage.

After getting the electric MR2 up on jack stands in my garage, I found that the driver side drive shaft is missing the m8 1.25mm serration bolts (6 of them) and nuts. I looked all over the web and the local Kragens and Autozone stores for replacements and came up empty. I finally ordered some from the Toyota dealer in Dublin, $4 each and they came next day, not so bad, but there is more…

The driver side drive shaft has also been damaged. Pictured below, you can see the broken bolt hole. There is also supposed to be a plate on top of the tripod housing I think.

I will head out to the salvage yard to look for a replacement. The other bad news is that the differential gear shaft seal is damaged. That explains the oil leak. In the meantime, I’ve rebolted the drive shaft back to the differential and can drive the car for short distances without worrying about loosing too much transmission fluid.

Again, thinking back, I remember that torquing the bolts on the drive shaft was a pain because I had to get under the car to tighten after I’ve engaged the parking brakes. However, to reach all 12 nuts (6 on each side), I had to get out from underneath the car, release the parking brake, and turn the shaft so that I can reach the next set of bolts, etc. Perhaps it was because of this that I had failed to tighten all 6 bolts. I’m going over all the nuts and bolts all over the car just to make sure that I didn’t forget to tighten anything else.

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