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10,000 mile, 1 year maintenance

I just spent 2 hours doing some maintenance on the MR2. Here’s my list:

1. Check tire pressure. OK at 45psi
2. Check all high current connections including battery terminals and NEMA connections *
3. Check all bolts: Racks (found some loose ones!!), CV drive shaft (all looks good here after that last accident!).
4. Check tire treads and rotate tires if needed. OK.
5. Check brake pads. OK.
6. Check transmission fluid level. OK.
7. Check motor brushes. Ok.

*Item #2 was the most time consuming part, especially for the 6 batteries that I have in the fuel tunnel. I had to jack up the car, take off the splash guards, the racks, etc. I wasn’t surprised to find that some of the battery terminals actually turned a 1/4 turn. Since getting to the 6 batteries were such a pain, I wonder if I could just use some locktite on the threads so I don’t worry about them? I’m polling my EV friends and will post what they think.

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