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A cleaner way to drive

About MR2EV

electric MR2

The electric MR2

The MR2 Electric Vehicle (MR2EV) is a converted 100% battery electric car and meets the Federal definition of a zero emissions vehicle.

It is powered by solar panels that generate 100% clean energy.

The electric MR2 was placed in to service in July 2011 and I have been successfully commuting 50 miles daily in it for the past two years.



Look Ma! No more engine!

I’m Ken and green is my favorite color.

It must be yours too if you are reading this page.

I am a strong advocate of investing in clean renewable energy technologies like solar panels and electric cars for environmental benefits, especially when it makes financial sense.  Payback on my solar panels accelerated from over 20 years to under 9 years by driving the electric MR2.


“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; We borrow it from our children.”

This quote resonates with me because I believe in leaving this wonderful earth a better place then when we found it.  I am the proud dad of a wonderful 3 year old boy whom I love with all my heart.  I feel a sense of responsibility to him, well, because I brought him here. I know that by making decisions to be green and convincing others to do so, we can create an environment where everyone can thrive, now and for many future generations to come.  Hopefully, I can convince you to drive electric cars powered by the sun or other renewable source!


It took a long 3 years for me to convert it (way longer than typical, blame it on my 3 year boy Ethan).

Ethan riding shotgun in the electric MR2
Ethan loves riding shotgun in the electric MR2

The original motivation was that I wanted the sexy Tesla roaster, a sporty all electric roadster that goes from 0-60 in under 4 seconds (call it my mid life crisis). However, not being able to afford it at the time, I chose to convert my own electric roadster.

I did not have an auto mechanics background, so if I can do this, anyone can do it. As a matter of fact many people have done it and in much shorter time. Check out I personally know about a BMW Z3 conversion that took 19 days start to finish! Steve and Audrey run a mobile conversion shop out of Florida called the Green Shed Conversions and have traveled all over the US to convert cars to electric for folks, including this beautiful Z3 in 19 days. Perhaps you can get them to come to you to help you convert that classic car that has been sitting in your garage?


Or, you can just buy one!  There are many 100% electric cars that are very affordable.  For example, you can purchase a Nissan Leaf for around $18,800 after tax breaks.

I dream of a future where we don’t have to hold our breathes whenever a car passes and wonder what the emissions are doing to our lungs and our children’s lungs.

If you do end up with an electric car, please consider signing up on the EV Club, it is a free site I built for owners of electric cars to track their gas and environmental savings.  My electric MR2 saving stats are updated live as it is tracked on the EV Club and I am donating my gas savings each month to green energy nonprofits and club members.

If you find the content of this site worth sharing, please let others know by liking, or sharing!  Also, leave me a comment if you have any questions.

Live green,


Updated 7/25/2013

3 Responses to “About MR2EV”

  • Al Bullock says:

    Also in the Bay Area, Livermore. Any local clubs? Where are you at?

    • Ken says:

      Hi Al!
      I live in Castro Valley and belong to EAA east bay and frequent EAA silicon valley events.
      You are the one with the AC Volkswagon right? How’s the car running?

  • Jenna says:

    Hi Ken,

    Love this site! My name is Jenna and I’m at the UC Berkeley – Haas School of Business, focusing my studies on renewable energy. As part of our Marketing Research class, my team is working with SolarCity to find ways to encourage EV users to convert to PV at home for electric charging. We are launching a survey to better understand EV users decision making processes and motivators. Your website would be a great way to get the word out about the survey so that your readers can share their opinions and potentially win an Amazon gift certificate!

    Our whole team would truly appreciate your help. Would you be willing to post the survey? Or, do you have any other good ideas for how we could distribute this? I look forward to hearing from you, and many thanks for considering it!


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